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Now available: Final Award in Mobil Cerro Negro, Ltd. v. Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. et al. (ICC Case No. 15415/JRF, December 11, 2011) - (Alvarez, Saląs and Böckstiegel, Chair).

Published 2 February 2012

Exhibit 1 - Part A and Exhibit 1 - Part B are now available on the OGEL and TDM websites.

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  1. The Governance of Energy Megaprojects: Politics, Hubris and Energy Security (B.K. Sovacool and C.J. Cooper) - Book Review
    (16 April 2014)
  2. Euro-Vision of Energy Trade With Russia: Current Problems and Future Prospects for EU Solidarity in Energy Trade
    (11 April 2014)
  3. The Governance of Energy in China: Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy (Philip Andrews-Speed) - Book review
    (4 April 2014)
  4. Handbook on Energy and Climate Change (ed. R. Fouquet) - Book review
    (25 March 2014)
  5. Comment: Implications of Crimea Crisis for Energy Markets: vulnerabilities of markets and weakness of States
    (24 March 2014)

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