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OGEL 3 (2015) - Renewable Energy Disputes

OGEL 3 (2015) - Renewable Energy Disputes This joint OGEL and TDM Special issue focuses on renewable energy disputes at the level of international, European and national law. There are many ongoing cases at all three levels. Recent and ongoing renewable energy disputes under international law have concerned international investment law and WTO law. Recent renewable energy disputes at European level have mostly related to the free movement provisions of EU Treaty law. Contractual arrangements and connection issues serve as illustrations of private and contractual disputes in these areas at national level....

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OGEL 2 (2015) - The Polish Energy Sector

OGEL 2 (2015) - Laws Regulating the Polish Energy Sector - Transition Edited by Dr. Michal Domagala (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin) and Piotr Pszczel (Kawalko&Godlewski law firm) this special looks at the Polish energy sector which is currently undergoing substantial change. The change is driven by several factors, but the most influential seems to be the requirements imposed by European Union Laws. The above-mentioned requirements consist of three groups i.e: those related to mitigation of adverse effects of energy sector on the environment, secondly those aimed at providing a necessary level of security of supply and finally, those which primarily aims to create a competitive energy market as a part of the Internal Market of the European Union.

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OGEL 1 (2015)

OGEL 1 (2015) - Natural Gas Developments: An International and Challenging Legal Framework The first issue of 2015 is our special on "Natural Gas Developments: An International and Challenging Legal Framework". Historically natural gas was not always a welcomed discovery. This has now changed and where the natural gas deposits are significant enough to justify investments, the deposits are welcome. However, the regulatory and contractual treatment of natural gas typically differs from that of oil. This special is going to explore some of these differences.

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OGEL 4 (2014)

OGEL 4 (2014) After three OGEL specials in 2014 - including the special on "Governance of Unconventional Gas outside the United States of America" and the World Bank Institute Learning Symposium in June 2014 - we continue 2014 with this regular issue which covers a variety of topics, including a look at the Eastern Mediterranean, the Geopolitics of Energy and the EU/Russia relation and other topics of interest.

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OGEL 3 (2014)

OGEL 3 (2014) - Governance of Unconventional Gas outside the United States of America This OGEL Special Issue on the Governance of Unconventional Gas outside the United States of America is edited by OGEL's Editorial Committee member Dr. Philip Andrews-Speed (Energy Studies Institute of the National University of Singapore). The diversity of geography, political context and perspective will provide a good insight into the complexity and diversity of the challenges involved in the governance of unconventional gas. Not only did the contributing authors prepare their papers for this special, but many of them had the opportunity to present their work during a joint OGEL - World Bank Institute (WBI) learning symposium on the Governance of Unconventional Gas: Exploring How to Deliver Transparent Benefits in Non-OECD Countries, held at the World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC, 2-3 June 2014. We'd like to thank Michael Jarvis at the Governance of Extractive Industries Program of World Bank Institute (WBI) for this opportunity. This special also includes a summary of some of the outcomes of this symposium prepared by Mr Jarvis.

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OGEL 2 (2014)

OGEL 2 (2014) - Energy Community Energy Community is the primary instrument in EU external energy policy. The large number of contributions to this special on the Energy Community edited by Dr Dirk Buschle (Deputy Director and Head of Legal of the Energy Community Secretariat) illustrate the diversity and complexity of the topic. Instead of providing a coherent account of where the Energy Community stands today, this special provides numerous tie-ins for the future debate. It provides for an inspiring reading on the current issues and future options for the Energy Community. We are comfortable that this special issue will provide the basis for many fruitful discussions. OGEL would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Buschle and his colleagues at the Energy Community for their time and effort during the preparation of this special.

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OGEL 1 (2014)

OGEL 1 (2014) - Offshore Petroleum Exploration and Production: Challenges and Responses We kick off 2014 with a special on Offshore Petroleum Exploration and Production: Challenges and Responses edited by Simon Amaduobogha and Dr. Sergei V. Vinogradov of the Centre for Energy, Petroleum, Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP), University of Dundee. It addresses the legal, economic, environmental and policy aspects of offshore exploration and production activities. The editorial provides an overview of the various contributions in this issue.

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OGEL 5 (2013)

OGEL 5 (2013) After four OGEL specials in 2013, we continue 2013 with this regular issue which covers a variety of topics, including a look at Brazilian Production Sharing Agreements (1st Production Sharing Bidding currently underway) and Prof. Dr. Andrey A. Konoplyanik shares his views on the antimonopoly investigation by the European Commission against Gazprom.

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OGEL 4 (2013) - JOAs & NOCs: Challenges...

OGEL 4 (2013) - Special Issue Joint Operating Agreements & National Oil Companies: Challenges and Dynamics This special feature on Joint Operating Agreements & National Oil Companies: Challenges and Dynamics was edited by Dr. Eduardo Pereira (STR Holding). Recent changes in local laws in various countries set requirements for NOCs participation in oil and gas projects as "partners". As a result JOAs currently often have a NOC as a party to the agreement, this makes the JOA acquire certain specific characteristics. This special edition addresses the key issues between an IOC and NOC within a JOA.

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OGEL 3 (2013) - Eastern Mediterranean

OGEL 3 (2013) - Special Issue on Eastern Mediterranean Oil and Gas The Eastern Mediterranean basin has become one of the latest areas of interest for the international oil and gas industry. The offshore fields in the area have great potential both in terms of economic activities and progress in the region as well as on an international political level. The objective of this special is to provide a picture of legal and regulatory issues involved and the "state of play" in the new oil and gas region.

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OGEL 2 (2013) - Risk in the Energy Sector

OGEL 2 (2013) - Special Issue on Risks and Responses to Risk in the Energy Sector Mirian Kene Kachikwu and Dr. Leon Moller (Robert Gordon University) edited this OGEL Special on Risks and Responses to Risk in the Energy Sector. It focuses on a number of key risks areas that are facing the international industry today. A number of topical papers are included ranging from academic to industry professionals, covering a wide range of issues in the subject area.

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Call for Yukos Papers

Yukos Logo We are seeking proposals for articles on various aspects of the Yukos Energy Charter Treaty award and the Yukos ECHR judgment.

Advance publication

Mar 13
Is China's Nuclear Energy Strategy on Track?
Feb 26
China's Energy Transition: is it Really Under Way?
Feb 25
New Hydrocarbons Law in Argentina
Feb 23
The Guidelines and Procedures for Obtaining Minister's Consent to Assignment of Interest in Oil and Gas Assets: A Short Commentary
Feb 12
Running out of Gas - Natural Gas Diversification Efforts in the EU Neighborhood
Feb 12
Tanzania Petroleum Industry and Constitutional Reforms: Does the Ongoing Reform Process Pose High Political Risks to Foreign Oil Companies?
Feb 12
Case note on C-105/12-107/12 Essent and Others, judgment of 22 October 2013
Feb 06
Speculations on the Contents of the New Iranian Petroleum Contracts: Buy-Back in Disguise?
Feb 02
The Environmental Dimension of the Proposals of the Energy Community's High Level Reflection Group
Jan 28
A Critical Appraisal of the Legal Framework on Licensing in the Oil and Gas Sector in Uganda
Jan 19
China's International Energy Strategies at a Time of Low Prices
Dec 10
What Do Low Oil Prices Mean for China's Energy Sector?
Dec 03
What's Tax Got To Do With It? The Yukos Tribunal's Approach to Motive and Treaty Interpretation
Nov 26
The China-US Climate Deal: the Challenges for China
Nov 13
The Rise of the National Oil Company - Implications for International Oil Companies
Nov 07
Evaluating the Libyan Gas Sector: Fiscal Policy and Contractual Terms
Nov 07
Comment: Evaluating the Libyan Gas Sector: Fiscal Policy and Contractual Terms
Oct 21
Fruits of the Poisonous Tree: The Admissibility of Unlawfully Obtained Evidence in International Arbitration

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Learning Symposium

Governance of Unconventional Gas: Exploring How to Deliver Transparent Benefits in Non-OECD Countries
World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC, 2-3 June, 2014

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This learning symposium was the first to focus on these governance considerations with a view to ensuring unconventional gas is an effective contributor to sustainable growth and development in non-OECD contexts. It built upon new research, with a focus on articles from the special issue of the OGEL on "The governance of unconventional gas exploitation outside the United States".


Liber Amicorum: T. Wälde

Liber Amicorum: Thomas Wälde

A Liber Amicorum: Thomas Wälde - Law Beyond Conventional Thought was published in 2009 by CMP Publishing Ltd. in honour of Thomas Wälde. The editors Jacques Werner and Arif Hyder Ali gathered an impressive collection of essays by practioners, arbitrators and professors who knew Thomas Wälde in a modest effort to capture Thomas' never ending interests. This book is now available on OGEL and TDM with the kind permission from the publisher. For subscribers the chapters are available as individual papers, all others may download the entire book as a free download.

Contribute (Short) Comments & Papers

We are looking for both short comments on recent developments of broad interest and longer academic style papers. We would like, such comments and papers to be backed-up by provision of in-depth notes and articles and primary legal and regulatory materials.

Given OGEL's role as the principal "Global Energy Law & Regulation Portal", we are looking to re-publish quality and relevant studies published elsewhere - and would appreciate help in identifying such studies and, where possible, get the authors' (or other right-holders') consent.

For more information or suggestions, please contact our Editor in Chief, have a look at our submission guidelines and read our Call for Papers section.

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Under the support of European Union (ESF), University of Eastern Finland has opened a new specialised LLM Diploma Program focused solely on International and European Energy Law. The program is designed to respond to a growing need for expertise in this area of European and international law and policy. Professor Kim Talus is the Program Director. More information can be found at http://uef.fi/energyllm/home

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Journal of World Energy Law and Business Journal of World Energy Law & Business is the official journal of the AIPN started in 2008. It is a peer-reviewed journal of record providing objective coverage of relevant issues. It provides high-quality articles that combine academic excellence with professional relevance and will benefit from the expertise of a Board of internationally respected academic, lawyers and other energy professionals. The Journal publishes articles on legal, business and policy issues in the international energy industry. This includes upstream oil and gas transactions, finance, taxation, regulation, dispute management, alternative energy resources, energy policy and security and international energy organizations.

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Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP, University of Dundee) The Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) at the University of Dundee is the internationally renowned graduate school in the field of international business transactions and natural resources and energy law and policy.

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